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Will shopping centers of the future be filled with slime stores? Students at Wescott School put their imaginations to work when asked by their 4th grade teachers to envision businesses that Northbrook needs. More than 70 of their creative, colorful projects are currently on display through a partnership between the Chamber, Northbrook Court, and Northbrook/Glenview School District 30. 

The journey from classroom to the mall began when Wescott teacher Petra Choi contacted the Chamber about a unit on persuasive letter writing. Her students would be writing letters to the Chamber to suggest new stores and businesses for the community. Kathi Quinn, Chamber Executive Director, invited Ms. Choi to bring the letters to the office – and got a great surprise.

“We were blown away by the creativity and effort that the kids had put into their projects,” recalls Kathi. “They deserved to be shared with a bigger audience.”

Kids received a “Certificate of Big Idea” from the Chamber at the end of the school year. Then the team at Northbrook Court came on board to provide space for a public display, which was set up near the Apple Store just in time for Chamber of Commerce Week in September.  Stop by the display to see proposals for:

  • Calvin and Hobbes, a store treating fans of the classic comic to collectible books and stuffed tigers
  • Friendly Feast, a restaurant where trained dogs deliver food to your table
  • Xtreme Hide and Seek, a high-tech activity center to take the game everyone knows to the next level

… and much more. The projects are scheduled to be on display until at least October 6.

Thank you to the teachers at Wescott School and District 30 for including the Chamber in this project, and to Northbrook Court for providing a showcase for these bright future entrepreneurs! Members are encouraged to check out this display and let us know via Facebook which are your favorites and why.